Rochester’s World Class Answering Service

General Business Answering Service

Alliance Communications Center will customize services for EVERY Client. We are much more than a 24/7 messaging and after hours dispatch service. In addition to our bright and articulate Customer Service Agents, we understand that it is important that we service the unique needs of your business. We script your account to the smallest detail so that your clients and customers receive the best in personal attention from our “100% Live” team of professionals for your overflow answering service and after hours message taking.


You can utilize our Live Operators and Customer Service Agents to support your staff by taking overflow and after hours calls or we can be your full time “Faithful Assistant” by using our “Virtual Receptionist”, capabilities. If you are a small business, traveling or on the road we can utilize our “polite patching techniques” giving you and your staff the opportunity to be prepared for every situation. Our “Live Chat” capabilities allow us to actively engage your clients directly from your website to secure new business or service opportunities.


We can route calls and dispatch messages in any manner that you wish and do it without errors or mistakes. Our back-room capabilities can process orders or prepare paperwork. We are capable of inputting data directly into your CRM or database through our VPN capabilities. If you allow us access to your calendars, we can schedule appointments for you and your staff.


No matter what your companies needs are, you can be assured that our Customer Service and IT Professionals will find a custom solution that will be cost effective and support your business. Some of the company types that we support are:

Water PurificationGrocery Store Chain
Check Ordering CompanyLead capture for Insurance Companies
Travel & TourismSoftware Support
Investigation ServicesAviation Companies
Mortgage CompaniesConsulting Services
Churches & Synagogues


Please call us TODAY to talk about how our Live Operators and Customer Service Agents can assist you with your overflow and after hours message taking needs so that we can begin working on your Custom Solutions! 800-555-3738