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About Us

What makes us Different...

Alliance Communications Center is an Award Winning, Custom Answering Service and Call Center serving the Rochester area. We have been serving the Medical and Business Community since 1987. Our roots in the Answering Service industry along with our significant experience have helped us to develop innovative ideas to serve our cherished clients.


Our passion for the Answering Service and Call Center industry is based on the leadership of our Managing Director, Ms. Cori Bartlett. Ms. Bartlett's business philosophy is based on quality and customer service. She is a committed follower of speakers Michael Gerber and Verne Harnish.


As an Industry Leader, Ms. Bartlett is currently serving her second term on the Board of Directors of ATSI. She is also the former President of NAEO where she also served on the Board of Directors for several years. NAEO is a user group of 400 Answering Services that utilize telephony and software equipment specific to the call center and answering service industry. Our equipment vendor, AmTelco is the largest manufacturer of Hospital Telephony and Call Center equipment in the country.


The foundation of Alliance Communications Center is our staff. Ms. Bartlett started in the answering service industry as an operator in 1990 while she was a college student and raising a young family. Her background and experience has given her strong instincts on recruiting, training, motivating and retaining excellent personnel for the answering service and call center industry. She surrounds herself with a seasoned team of management, supervisors, IT staff and operators. Ms. Bartlett has instituted a testing program for each "new hire" and personally interviews each person who makes it through the rigorous screening process.


Alliance Communications Center truly understands that Philosophy, Talent and Technology are the "Secret Sauce" that makes us a valuable business partner for our clients.